Expedition House

  Our company, established in 2000 is located in the industrial area of Galati (210, Basarabia Street) on the road leading the border with Moldova (8 km), at a distance of 1.5 km of sea-river ports "Docuri" and "Bazinul Nou, having in property:

• production and storage space of 5000 square meters, with direct access to rail lines, both European and CIS type;

• An area of 1000 square meters of fully equipped office, including furniture, internet, phone / fax, etc;

• 10,000 square feet concrete platform;

• railway station unloading / loading on line type CIS (1000 tons daily capacity) with the possibility of border customs clearance, container terminal with access to both rail and truck..

• all the necessary logistics for import-export activity on four borders with CSI: Diacovo-Halmeu, Vadul Siret-Dornesti, Ungheni-Cristeşti-Jijia, Reni (Giurgiulesti)-Galati;

• national distribution network for salt, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, etc.;

• Equipment for loading / unloading merchandise and transport.

As the sole importer of Ukraine superfine salt, but also fertilizer and agricultural machinery from CIS countries (mainly from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), with an annual tonnage average of approximately 200,000 tonnes (own googs), our company has grown, year by year, special relationship with the railways of the mentioned countries, relationships that lead to obtain favorable rates reflected in charges paid for transport and transit through these countries. Moreover, in our company the employees speak frequently Russian, Ukrainian, English, French and Italian.

With the necessary infrastructure and qualified staff in the field, our company developed a special department of international and domestic shipments.

So, this department:

• organize national and international transport of goods (import-export and transit traffic) on river, sea, road, rail (our company is a forwarding house of SNTFM CFR Marfa, owning centralized payment code) conventional and containerized , as complete and consolidated shipments;

• organizing international expeditions (especially full containers) in the "door to door "; system;

• customs clearance, customs declaration and presentation of goods as authorized customs broker;

• collection, storage and distribution of goods

• sorting goods, division, separation according to the lots of senders and recipients, mark, noting or labeling, packaging fixes;

• transport of shipments in international traffic from shipment to destination;;

• supervision and transshipment of goods from one mode of transport to another, assistance in weighing / or re-weigh them , determination the quantity by other means;

• consultancy on customs legislation (customs procedures, tariff classification, etc..) customs, fiscal and tax (VAT, excise, duties);

• any other operations related to domestic and international shipping activities;


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