The term "fertilizer" defines all chemicals (fertilizer) needed for good plant growth and function. They are actually a kind of dietary supplements capable to rich the substrate of plants when it depletes minerals. In usual trade there is, currently, a variety of fertilizers and their derivatives: simple fertilizer containing one macro element or composed of several macro elements, liquid, solid, slow absorption, etc... Most contain only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium because it is considered that the other minerals that the plant needs much smaller amounts are found enough in the substrate.

On any product will always find a ratio of NPK inscription. For example, if a report is 06/08/10 that means the containing of fertilizer is 10% nitrogen, 6% phosphorus and 8% potassium. Thus, according to the report, and the addition of other minerals, commercial fertilizers have a precise destinations .Taking into account the role of each macro element significance in plant's life and especially in relation to the requirements or deficiencies will we know precisely what fertilizer should opt for.

Solid fertilizers are presented in three forms: powders, granules and bars. Unlike liquid fertilizer is applied two or three times a month, solid fertilizers are absorbed more slowly, providing plant "food" necessary for much longer.

Foliar fertilizers are presented in liquid form and are applied to the leaves by weekly spraying. They are also increase rapidly the absorption of the fertilizers that are usually well tolerated.

Whatever fertilizer we choose the most important thing is to fertilize correctly and efficiently, and to know which is product to apply and especially when and how to apply.

In this respect, enjoying a long experience in this field, our company is available for purchase fertilizers you need (urea, ammonium nitrate, complex fertilizers as NPK 15x15x15, MAP 10x46x0, CAN, etc., , either through intermediate their purchase, either through direct sales as a result of your company orders.


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